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GandiesAI allows you to generate AI Art (Stable Diffusion) from text prompts and Pixel Art for free on any device. Simply create an account and begin creating!

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GandiesAI Benefits

Why you should trust us with your automated NFTs and art

We offer the best quality of images for a fraction of the price of the others. We're even working on a developer platform so developers can use our technology in their own apps and websites.


Dip your toes into our tech

While there are other creative studios on the market, GandiesAI is different in ways from the features that we offer.

Create from anywhere

Once you have an account, you can create from anywhere! Just login to your account and create! We also have a mobile application (App Store and Google Play) which support even more project types!

High-quality results

Once your image has finished generating, we'll shoot you an email with a link to your image and a push notification if you've installed our mobile app! It'll also be displayed in your account gallery!

Free creation & unlimited expression

Even if you're not subscribed to our Pro plan, you're given the freedom to generate up to 5 AI images for free! Developers will soon be able to use our technology in their own apps!


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about the platform before creating an account? Read about the service in our FAQ below.

GandiesAI allows you to generate unique AI Art (Stable Diffusion) from prompts and unleash your creativity using our Pixel Art generator.
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